Jun 13, 2012

Art@the Center Forever!

It is hard to believe that this week is my last week interning in Art at the Center. I felt there's no chance for me to think about termination. I've had eight classes here, and I love all of them so much. I was asked by my on-campus supervisor, "What will you miss most after leaving?" I said it will be the place, art at the center itself. I will miss working there, including the moment walking in from the door, meeting our teachers, setting art materials for our wonderful artists.

I will remember how they couldn't wait to help.

I like listening to their sharing in a circle and seeing how they focus on Kathryn reading stories.

It has been my happiness to witness children's process in making art, solving problems and feeling satisfied with their artwork.

"Is there anything you won't miss in art at the center?" my supervisor asked. "No," I tried hard to ponder this question. "No. Every little thing are just so meaningful for me."

Children, at first didn't know me, later on, began to share their artwork to me and asking me for help. As for me, I also feel more and more confident talking to them or solving problems for them. Even if I know that sometimes we don't understand each other, that is never a barrier between us. It just makes us learn more from each other. Thank you so much, Art at the Center. You are my dream place for children and art.

Finding Your Place in Art

In Art at the Center, we always provide several activities in one session. That way we give children choices and they have opportunity to experience various materials. We at the same time observe their flow and preference toward different tasks. Children are welcome to shift to another art experiential after they are done with the artwork they are working on. 
They may feel like doing collage on your CD case!

You can also draw on the light table.

find a place reading a interesting book
Painting on your drawing.
Kids can feel more related to environment. How their drawings interact with light and shapes.
A natural way to work collaboratively

"Can I save this?" Though asking for that, the boy is willing to accept taking picture of what he made and then put the clay back into a ball. 
I believe that when we feel free to do things we like, that's where inspire us most. Children in Art at the Center learn to find their spot in making art, and the process is similar to finding their own role in a group. In this kind of environment, they can truly indulge themselves in art without too much grownups' instructions and peer pressure, really get to experience their possibilities in art.

Jun 9, 2012

A Witness of Those Precious Moments

In our June Preschool Studio, we have 12 children at a time. It is just like a dream if I could have a regular schedule of approaching art! How wonderful! But wait, it is a two-hour session! TWO HOURS! At first, I indeed felt it is too long. Both children and teachers needed to adjust to this new structure. But after several sessions, though their energy differs everyday, we find our way to enjoy the summer art camp!

I have been amazed by our little artists. They possess the passion to art and are able to enjoy the delights in making art during the two-hour session. The wonderful moments may stay for only 3 second. Thus, what I can do is try my best to keep the process into photos. In this way, our artists are able to own the complete freedom in making art. They also get to know the possibilities they can reach through art.

Painting with paints they mixed brings more possibilities than that with basic colors.

There's no hesitation in her strokes.

Look at her colors and the image she created!

The girl chose warm colors to represent her concept of.... Guess what? it's about volcano!
"I used all of my colors but still need more to paint two more petals! What can I do?"
You can share colors! :)
Have you ever paint with both hands together?

Picasso said "Every children are artists." Having being a witness of the precious process, I indeed feel like learning so much from our artists!

Jun 6, 2012

The Power of Concentration

In the last Art in the Afternoon class, I reflect on the progress happening through the whole spring class and found they became more and more focused on art. In that, they found their own way to make art and thus built their distinguishing features.

Children know how to handle different kinds of art materials and express their ideas through that.
In the beginning, we help them to write down the notes. Now they are eagerly to write their artistic statement by themselves.
They are more and more familiar to group. They feel safe and comfortable to make art in terms of a parallel way as well as collaborative way.
When they are attentive in art, they create a great progress in art and are ready to facing the incoming challenges. It has been so wonderful to see their growth, and the great possibilities art brings to them. I look forward to seeing their future exhibition!

May 29, 2012

Making Prints

Seeing such a well-setting place for making art, I wish I was a kid at this moment. 

Children can choose to use various materials to print on the paper, or paint on glass then cover a paper on it.They used the skill they've learned from painting, such as washing paint brush between colors and using a towel to absorb excess water. What makes printing amazing was that kids will be able to watch paints on a transparent glass first, and then change the images on the paper. We won't know what the changes will be, it depends on the amount of paints they put.

If the paints are kept wet and the amount of them is just right or more, the paints will interact with each other when they are rubbed under the paper. 


Making art is fun and full of surprise, isn't it?

May 23, 2012

Gift of Art

I've seen this many times, our artists make their artwork as gifts. Mostly for their classmate, friends, and parents. I am always touched by their beautiful mind.
A girl made her a clay-work as a surprise gift to her aunt. Since it took time to dry, fire, glazing and go into the kiln again, she had to hide it every time before her aunt came to pick her up.

Take myself as an example, when I was preparing a gift to someone, I usually couldn't help imagining how happy a person would be when she get it. I wondered how she felt while making this zebra to her aunt. It reveals her patience and attentive energy. It is very treasurable that she made a plan to surprise her aunt. From this, I also learned how powerful a child's thoughtfulness and appreciation can be.

The Most Amazing Stories In The World

When I was watching children making art, I thought they were exploring or practicing with different art materials, yet I was always amazed by what they saw in their art. That makes me so excited to hear their stories every time!

using hand-made papers they made last week

collage with water color
These are not just "abstract" art pieces.

"A dragon with mud and sticks around it."

" Two balls bumped into each other." and I wondered  what would happen next!

"Spots in the sky"

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” 

Though I can no longer make art like a child, I am glad I witness the wonderful process.These stories are indeed priceless treasure, the most amazing stories in the world.